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Located in Mesnil-sur-Oger, Champagne Pertois-Moriset has been from its beginnings an independent family-run
harvesting and producing company that strives to maintain, across the generations, the tradition and know-how of wine-making
and vine-growing.

The history of the family business began with the marriage between Yves Pertois and Janine Moriset, son and daughter
of two former wine-growing families of the Côte des Blancs. In 1951, the couple decided to create the brand Pertois-Moriset, which
continued its development when their son Dominique and his wife Florence joined them.

Today, it is their granddaughter Cécile and her husband Vincent who currently manage the property. The vineyard has a
surface area of 18.60 hectares and is distributed in two areas:
- The Côte des Blancs, of approximately 12 hectares, rated as Grand Cru, with 10% Chardonnay variety.
- The Coteaux Sézannais, of approximately 6.50 hectares, with around 60 % Pinot Noir and 40 % Chardonnay.

Respectful of the environment, the company has for several years been growing the grapes in an «ultra-reasoned» manner
without however seeking to obtain the Organic label. Sexual confusion treatments are applied on 70% of the area. Most of the
vines are weeded, and some of them are worked with a horse. In 2016 the company set out to obtain the High Environmental
Value Certification HVE 3. A 100% electric state of the art raised-chassis tractor (straddle tractor) will arrive this season... Pertois-
Moriset will, therefore, be the first harvesting-producer company with a technological breakthrough of this importance in its own

To continue its development, a new pressing centre was opened in 2009 equipped with two stainless membrane presses,
two thermo-regulated stainless tanks and new casks and barrels. These installations contribute to healthy and excellent quality
pressing, to fermentation at a controlled linear temperature, a malolactic fermentation voluntarily blocked in certain wines and an
aging on fine lees throughout the winter. The bottling takes place in July, in order to allow time for the wine to develop in casks
and barrels. The bottles are then left to rest on the grid shelves at least for three years for the sparkling Brut, and even more for
the old Millésimés vintages, thus guaranteeing wines with a unique flavour. In 2018, we will propose a new bottle for its
commercialisation, which will be available for all the sparkling champagnes and will have a unique style that will identify the brand.

Pertois-Moriset has also opened a retail and tasting store in Epernay, on the prestigious Avenue-de-Champagne. Moreover,
since 2015, the family business has returned to the Club des Trésors de Champagne, of which it was a member in the times of
Yves and Janine. To mark this occasion, the wine Spéciale Club was created, with 100% Mesnil-sur-Oger over the Millésimé
2014. Moreover, the company has started to specialise in the wine-making and production of localities. Names such as «Les
Jeamprins», «les Jutées» or even «les Hauts d’Aillerands» are no longer just known places, but in the near future will become
key references of Mesnil-sur-Oger.